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Each one of us is unique. We all have our own set of values and ambitions. Helping our client assess their financial values, goals and ambitions is the cornerstone of our Goal Planning exercise. It is vital that we understand our client's needs and create an inflation adjusted plan through detailed discussion of their financial goals with them!

Clarity around your goals has enormous potential to get you moving in the direction of what you want out of life, by setting goals and developing a future focus you will find that you are pulled towards your goals in becoming a meaningful specific success.

Goals are important and their importance cannot be stressed enough. We help you gauge what is important to you & help you perform better financially. Throughout each individual's life there are many stages and goals evolve over time, some goals may not even be achievable but goals do give us an important window as to how we can help you to achieve as many financial goals as possible with a carefully planned investment strategy to take smart decisions and create a wonderful experience.

Successful people in life set goals and then create a plan to achieve them. They realize that they have to focus on where they want to go first, and then manage their time, money, and efforts toward actions that take them closer to realizing their goals. They're able to better prioritize their financial activities, weeding out the things ( uncontrolled spending ) that don't bring them closer to fulfilling their dreams.

Achievement of goals requires money. Every person has only a limited income. The idea is to help our clients generate more income to achieve their goals. At the same time, wealth protection is equally important. Inflation always has a detrimental effect on savings. We advise our clients to take into account the impact of inflation on their goals so that they understand that they need to save considerably more in order to achieve their goals because inflation makes future goals more costly than they seem today.

Financial goals are segregated into short and long term goals. As an example, Ravi Khanna desires to have his own vacation house costing around Rs.20 lakh or Sheela Gupta wants to spend Rs.10 lakh on her daughter's wedding in around 10 years. These all are financial goals. We help our clients to understand that time frames are very relevant to the process of goal setting. Anything that spans over 2 – 3 years can be termed as long term. Short-term goals usually involve annual vacations, the purchase of household items, etc. Long-term goals can be funding wedding expenses, purchasing property, paying for a child's education, etc.

All goals may not necessarily be achievable, our clients are made aware about the difference between achievable and non – achievable goals, which can be achieved if they move the time frame further, or more funds are to be allocated. Resources will always be limited in comparison to the Aspirations.

' We know what we are, but know not what we may be ' - Shakespeare

" Your Goals, minus your doubts, equal your reality "

" Whether you believe you can or you can't, you're right " - Henry Ford